The Sitting Antidote: A Blueprint To Build Strength, Gain Mobility, Stop Pain And Survive The #Desklife

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Do you need an antidote for all that office work? Back pain, neck pain, tight shoulders & hamstrings, headaches, weight gain, hormone issues – OH YEAH – and increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and early mortality! Sitting really is the new smoking. While you might be experiencing acute concerns like tightness, headaches and back pain from sitting or standing too much at the office, it is the cumulative effect of your daily chair marathoner that needs addressing. Over the days, weeks, months, years and decades of office work our bodies began to change. We deteriorate because we fail to provide the movement required by the body to be healthy. We need a solution: Introducing The Sitting Antidote. The Sitting Antidote is a blueprint that we all need to combat the serious health consequences of a sedentary office job. We have designed a comprehensive program that changes your work day into a workout by curating specific drills to address the different movement requirements of the body that your job doesn't fulfill. By using our two minute MOBILITY, STRENGTH, SMASH, ALLIGN, and MOVE drills that do not compromise your productivity, The Sitting Antidote will totally change your office day along with how you look and feel. Based on the solutions we have provided to thousands of patients, the Sitting Antidote is a distilled plan that will give you all the necessary exercises, knowledge, skills, tricks and tools to create the body that you want. No more tight shoulders, weak abdominals, sore low back and no more extra pounds. The Sitting Antidote visually demonstrates and describes over 40 different office-based drills, as well additional homework you can choose to incorporate. Our E-book also contains the Sitting Antidote Movement Screen, which is a series of nine movement based self-tests that you can perform at home or in the office to determine where your body is compromised and what you should focus on. Our Movement Screen combined with the E-book's "jump forward to your Antidote" functionality makes it easy for even the most lay reader to know what drills and exercises to do. Also included in the Sitting Antidote E-book is a base of easy-to-understand curated research to teach you more about your spine, nervous system and body so that you can better manage your own health. If you are ready to make a change to how you move so that you can improve your health than this is the guide for you!