Sports Nutrition and Performance Enhancing Supplements

The ISSN Announces the Latest Sports Nutrition Book by Abbie Smith-Ryan PhD and Jose Antonio PhD Deerfield Beach, FL. June 6, 2013 – QQ: Which of the following will yield the fastest measurable change in performance and/or body composition? (A) changes in training. (B) changes in diet. (C) use of sports supplements. (D) they all work equally well. If you answered 'C,' go to the head of the class. That's right; the proper use of sports supplements can produce changes in minutes (e.g. caffeine), days (e.g. creatine) and weeks (e.g. beta-alanine). Yet we are bombarded by muddled thinking from the mainstream media telling us that 'creatine causes cramps,' 'high protein diets are bad for your kidneys,' 'supplements aren't needed as long as you eat a balanced diet' and other ideas that are void of data. Sports Nutrition & Performance Enhancing Supplements (eds. Abbie Smith-Ryan PhD CSCS*D CISSN and Jose Antonio PhD FNSCA FISSN. Linus Publications) is a focused resource that will give you the latest sports nutrition science, and eradicate the intellectually lazy positions held so dearly by the anti-supplement crowd. Contributors to this text include the very best and brightest sports nutrition scientists in the world: Paul Cribb PhD FISSN, Hector Lopez MD, CSCS, Darryn Willoughby PhD FISSN, Ralf Jaeger PhD FISSN, Susan Kleiner PhD RD FISSN, Jacob Wilson PhD, Colin Wilborn PhD FISSN, Shawn Wells MPH RD CISSN, Dawn Anderson PhD, and Tim Ziegenfuss PhD FISSN. This book is a must-read for personal trainers, sports dietitians, sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists and fitness professionals. If you're confused about where to find one resource that has all the latest answers in sports nutrition science, look no further. Order your copy now of Sports Nutrition & Performance Enhancing Supplements.