Life-Changing Food

Life-Changing Food is the new gluten-free, whole food cookbook from Quirky Cooking. Best-selling author Jo Whitton has teamed up with whole food chef Fouad Kassab to create a visually stunning cookbook filled with beautiful, nourishing recipes that are easy, gut friendly and full of flavour. Life-Changing Food is perfect for anyone on the whole food journey, regardless of whether they are beginners or experts. The recipes in Life-Changing Food focus on Paleo and GAPS but also provide a good foundation on preparing gluten-free grains. Thermomix® owners will love the fact that most recipes have both conventional methods and a Thermomix® method. Jo and Fouad share their stories, insights and tips to create a powerful, motivational cookbook that will change the lives of those who embrace it. Please note that this book uses metric units of measurement (grams and liters).